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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Welcome to takabu_love
a community dedicated for Hey! Say! JUMP's Takaki Yuya x Yabu Kota
♥ Feel free to post any fanfictions, graphics, scans, translations, picspams, etc. As long as it has Takaki and/or Yabu in it.

♥ For graphics : up to 3 teasers for icons are allowed outside the LJ-cut. Please put all picspams and big images under the cut, however, one picture is allowed outside the LJ-cut as a teaser (not bigger than 400px).

♥ Make sure you put tags on your entry. If you're not sure how to tag the entry, just leave a note on the bottom of your entry and the moderators will tag it for you.
Membership is open to all!
Join and spread the takabu_love!!
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